Today marks a pivotal shift in the trajectory of the JRT product line as we are excited to unveil our new brand identity: Dislotech.

Our transition from JRT to Dislotech has been driven by a desire to resonate more profoundly with our diverse customer base. While the term "Joint Reduction" carries technical depth, it limited our reach to a niche audience. Dislotech, on the other hand, introduces a fun, vibrant, and relatable aspect to our brand, allowing us to cast a wider net in the market.

Here's why we believe Dislotech is the future:

  1. Innovative and Memorable: Dislotech is a unique name that stands out, making it easier for our customers to remember and associate with quality and reliability.
  2. Universal Appeal: While we cherish our technical expertise, we believe in creating a brand that is approachable and relatable to all. Dislotech encapsulates this vision, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with the joint reduction techniques feel knowledgeable regarding the purpose and function of our product line.
  3. Flexibility: A broader, more versatile name like Dislotech offers us flexibility in marketing, enabling us to introduce a wider range of products and services without being constrained by a highly technical brand image.

We are excited for our community and customers to be a part of this journey. As we transition to Dislotech, we promise to maintain the quality and dedication that JRT was known for, while embracing the opportunities that this rebranding brings.